Citrix ADC Version 12 as initial IdP for Office365

This article is about setting up SAML authentication for Office365 through the Citrix ADC (version 12). The Citrix ADC serves as IdP and Office365 as SP. So that you do not have to enter your user name a hundred times, this is prevented by an initial IdP (SSO).


In short, the important upcoming terms explained.


SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) provides a common platform for web-based access to multiple, autonomous services without the need to reenter multiple credentials. Authentication takes place via an encrypted session cookie, transparent in the background. This session cookie, which is provided with an expiration date, is given to the user in the browser by an authentication service (Identity Provider – IdP) and can then subsequently use all connected services (Service Provider – SP) in the browser.

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Create a SQL Maintenance Plan for Citrix DB

SQL Maintenance Plan

The Maintenance Plan Wizard creates jobs for the Microsoft SQL Server Agent. This allows you to perform various database management tasks at specific intervals, e.g. Backups, database health checks or database statistic updates. This should be configured for all SQL databases, as this will prevent the transaction logs from becoming excessively large. Excessively large transaction logs can make the server inefficient and unstable.

Create a SQL Maintenance Plan for Citrix DB
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Optimization of VMs by NUMA

Introduction CPU & NUMA architecture

The main task of every CPU is to process data. But here is the misconception, the faster the CPU (or the more CPUs I allocate), the faster the data will be processed. This is unfortunately not quite that easy, because before the CPU can process the data, it must be read out by the slower system RAM and that latency can slow the CPU processing. In order to minimize the time the CPU is waiting on reading data, CPU architectures include on-chip memory caches (local RAM) that are much faster than RAM (the access is up to 95% faster).

Optimization of VMs by NUMA
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Citrix StoreFront Tweaks

Citrix StoreFront is an enterprise application store that provides an interface for users to access XenDesktop  and XenApp virtual desktops and applications remotely.


StoreFront Tweaks
StoreFront Tweaks

Store Centric Administration administrator creates store and receiver for web and authentication services are part of the store automatically.

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Activation of Office365 through multiple Citrix Worker (Activation Token Roaming)

The activation of Office365 in Terminal Server environment is enabled with shared computer activation, but will not work without further configuration. What is not described in the Microsoft article, from my older blog entry, Office puts in the user directory “AppDataLocalMicrosoftOffice16.0Licensing” (the 16.0 stands for Office 2016, at 2013 there must be 15.0) a license token for the host (Server/Client). This token is valid only for the host on which the user has just activated the office. If the user logs on another host, a new token is placed in the directory.

For roaming profiles, the existing configuration must be extended by the folder listed above, or the folder that you defined with the GPO, so that it’s synchronized across all hosts.

Unlike the normal license token for FatClients, this is only valid for a few days. Microsoft has published this TechNet article: TechNet Shared Computer Activation

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