Upgrade to Workspace Environment Management Version 1912

A few days ago, Workspace Environment Management (WEM) Version 1912 was published. Below an introduction to WEM and a guide to upgrade to version 1912.

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General Information

Workspace Environment Management is a Performance Management and UEM (User Environment Management) tool from Citrix. It is licensed to all customers with Virtual Apps/Virtual Desktop Advanced and Premium (formerly XenApp/XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum) Versions, as well as an active customer success services.

WEM administration console SQL Transaction

New Feature in 1912

Following are the new features of the WEM 1912 version.

Replacing Microsoft SQL Server Compact with SQLite

In previous versions, if the WEM agent works offline, it uses Microsoft SQL Server Compact to synchronize with SQL Server. Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 Service Pack 2 is the last version that supports this functionality. Versions 4.0 and later do not support synchronization with SQL Server. However, SQL Server Compact 3.5 Service Pack 2 reached End of Life (EOL) in 2018. Starting with this release, the agent relies on SQLite for offline mode to work.


If you do not want to use Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 Service Pack 2, upgrade the infrastructure services, the Administration Console and the agent to the latest version.

Copying configuration sets

WEM supports now exporting and importing (copying) configuration sets using the Administration Console. You can export and import only one configuration set at a time.

To export configuration sets, use the Backup wizard, where the Configuration set option is available on the Select what to back up page.

To import configuration sets, use the Restore wizard, where the Configuration set option is available on the Select what to restore page.

Reset Actions Option

WEM supports resetting assigned actions (purging action-related registry entries in the user environment). The feature also provides the flexibility to reset assigned actions. You can reset all assigned actions by using the administration console or let users decide what to reset in their environment. The feature might be useful in scenarios where actions you assign to users or user groups do not take effect.

The following has changed in the Administration Console user interface:

The Advanced Settings > UI Agent Personalization > UI Agent Options tab introduces an “Allow Users to Reset Actions” option. Use that option to control whether to let current users specify what actions to reset in their environment.

Agent administrative templates

There are now two policies associated with the WEM agent cache synchronization:

  • Cache synchronization port
  • Cached data synchronization port

Starting with Version 1912 the WEM agent relies on Cached data synchronization port to keep the agent cache in sync with the WEM infrastructure service. If you have Workspace Environment Management 1909 or earlier deployed in your environment, you cannot use Cached data synchronization port. Instead, use Cache synchronization port.

Upgrade enhancement SQL Always On

This release simplifies the process of upgrading the WEM database. In earlier releases, to upgrade the database, you needed to remove the database from the availability group if the database was deployed in a SQL Server Always On availability group. Starting with this release, you can upgrade the database without removing it from the availability group.

WEM PowerShell SDK modules

This release includes enhancements to the PowerShell modules in the WEM SDK. You can now use the PowerShell SDK to:

  • Create, update, query, and delete configuration sets and user-level and machine-level AD objects
  • Export and import configuration sets or user-level or machine-level AD objects

Fixed Issues with WEM 1912

  • When you use a configuration object with WEM PowerShell modules SDK cmdlets, all parameters must be specified. If they are not, the command fails with an InvalidOperation error.
  • In Transformer (Kiosk) mode and with Log Off Screen Redirection enabled, WEM might fail to redirect the user to the logon page after logging off.
  • The Administration Console might exit unexpectedly when you scroll down the agent list on the Administration Console > Agents > Statistics tab.
  • The Use Cache Even When Online option on the Administration Console > Advanced Settings > Configuration > Agent Options tab might not work.
  • Attempts to import registry files might fail with the following error message: Error “Import from Registry file” – Import Completed with Errors. The issue occurs when a registry file to be imported contains two or more values that have the same name.

If you still have a problem with the Synchronization State after the update, please go to the following link and follow the instructions of Igor van der Burgh regarding missing user permissions in the DBSync folder

Upgrade to Version 1912

The following in-place upgrade scenarios are supported:

FromToIn-place Upgrade supported
4.6 and earlier4.7Yes
4.6 and earlier1808 or laterNo ( an intermediate step to 4.6 is required)
4.71808 or laterYes
  • Check your license server for the correct Citrix version (Advanced or Premium) and a Customer Success Service that has not expired
  • Download and extract new WEM package
Download WEM 1912

Citrix Infrastructure Server

  • On the WEM Broker, start the extracted Citrix Workspace Environment Management Infrastructure Services Setup.exe
  • Click in the install dialog Next until the Setup Type.
Citrix Workspace Environment Management Infrastructure Services
  • Select here Complete and finish the installation
Setup Type

Citrix WEM database

  • Then run the Database Management Utility tool and start the Database Upgrade
Database Management Utility
  • In the following windows, check the existing login data for the previously existing WEM SQL database to deposit and start the upgrade of the database
Database Upgrade Wizard
  • Confirm the warning about the upgrade and wait until the following message of the tool appears
Database Upgrade
  • After the successful upgrade of the database, the configuration must be checked using the WEM Infrastructure service configuration Utility.
WEM Infrastructure Service Configuration
  • Check the Licensing and Database Settings and if necessary correct it
WEM Infrastructure Service Configuration Licensing
  • Save Configuration and let broker service restart
Broker Service Restart
  • Now only the Administration Console and the Agent must be reinstalled on the existing machines (no uninstall of the old version is necessary)

Citrix WEM Agent

The following items should be followed before an update of the agent software is performed:

  1. Ensures that no more users are logged on to the target device
  2. The WEM Infrastructure Server version must be equal to or greater than the WEM Agent version
  • Start the Citrix Workspace Environment Management Agent Setup.exe file on the target device
WEM Installation Files
  • Confirm the License Agreement with the checkbox and start with a click on Install
Citrix Workspace Environment Management Agent
Citrix Workspace Environment Management Agent License Agreement
  • Click on Next in the following window
Citrix Workspace Environment Management Agent Setup
  • Note here the changed path (no more Norskale mention)
Destination Folder
  • Since version 1909 there is only one agent for OnPrem and Cloud, so choose your deployment type here
Deployment Type
  • Now define your infrastructure server and ports for OnPrem environments
Infrastructure Service Configuration
  • For Cloud environments the Cloud Connector must be saved here
Cloud Service Configuration
  • Then define the alternative Cache Location (PVS & MCS Deployments) & a delay for Published Apps via VUEMAppCmd
Advanced Settings
  • Confirm the settings in this window with Install
Ready to install Citrix Workspace Environment Management Agent
  • Confirm the warning so that the installation can start
Restart Warning
  • After installation, the new agent should appear in the Administration Console
Completed the Citrix Workspace Environment Management Agent Setup Wizard

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  1. Hello: Thanks for this excellent and informative web site.
    Question for you: We are on 1903 across our entire Citrix environment; we have noticed that the “Norskale Broker Service” is chewing up a very high amount of CPU throughout the day, causing the Agents to process very slowly on the VDAs. Is there anything we can do to mitigate that? Will an Upgrade to 1912 resolve this for us?

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